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Making bread for the freezer

I appreciated everyone's tips on eating VLF economically!

Judy made the following suggestion:

<<5.  Make your own stocks, bread, spaghetti sauce, etc. from scratch in
    large batches and freeze.  (I used to think this was NEVER going to
    work for me, and now I can't imagine not doing this!)>>

I have just started making things in large batches & freezing them.  This may seem like a rather naive question, but is the bread being baked before its frozen?  I have very limited freezer space and would prefer to freeze dough if possible.  Has anyone had any success doing this?  I would appreciate any tips or recipes that work well w/ the freezer.

Much thanx!

P.S.  I noticed that when I post things there are equal signs at the end of each line.  If any of you know how to make this go away, I would love to know how.  Please e-mail me privately:).