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Re: Yellow coloring

>Date: Wed, 16 Apr 97 08:28:43 cst
>From: TIFFANY PEREDA <tpereda@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Recipe update
>Message-Id: <9703168612.AA861204548@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>          Question, my mother-in-law (who is Peruvian) makes this
>          quite good, and very high-fat, dish that has potatoes,
>          zucchini, some other squash stuff, all in a yellowish type
>          sauce.  Later in the cooking she unfortunately also adds
>          pork.  I have tasted the dish pre-pork adding, and it is
>          quite good, but getting all of the ingredients out of her is
>          like pulling teeth.  Anyone possibly know what could be in
>          it? specifically what makes the sauce so yellow?  My husband
>          considers making a bowl of cereal "cooking" and has
>          absolutely no clue, though he GREW UP on the stuff.  <sigh>
>          Thanks!
>          Tiffany

Someone already mentioned saffron. A less expensive possibility, and one
that is frequently substituted for saffron, is turmeric.


Shari Clayton Brownlee