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Re: worry about Beano

Hi Andy,
	Try not to get too upset at people who show concern about what
they decide to eat or not. Just one terrifying experience with
anaphalactic shock would make you VERY careful about steering clear of
anything that might make you have a reaction. I am allergic to bee
stings and came close to dying once when I got stung by a white-faced
hornet. Your throat swells up so that you can't breathe, and that's a
BIT disconcerting. A reaction to penicillin is very similar with hives
and eventual suffocation from anaphalactic shock. Any person who is
extremely sensitive to penicillin products would and should be wary of
anything that carries or used to carry a warning to people who are
allergic to it. 
	When you are wondering why a person does something it usually
pays to ask questions first and learn why before you blast them and risk
sounding overly critical. A gentle attitude is better and tends to keep
your blood pressure lower!  ;-)
                                  Sincerely, Mary Sue