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Hi everyone.  I am looking for an almost fat free vegetarian pad thai 
recipe.  I have been searching cookbooks and the web to no avail.  Is tofu 
the best substitute for all the meat and seafood I have seen in other 
recipes?  I hear peanut butter and ketchup may be a substitute for the fish 
sauce...  does anyone know of a fat free/low fat peanut butter substitute?

I have been thinking about being a bit less particular about my fat intake 
since I was recently on a fast and my muscles and joints began to ache 
extremely.  I am quite active and have a low body fat percentage and was 
given warnings about auto-cannibalization.  Any body know more about this 
so I can set my mind at ease or should I worry.  I suppose one should 
decrease work and activity when fasting.

thanks, zohrab.