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Gold Mine Black Soy Beans

     In response to Carla's input about Gold Mine Catalog sales.  I agree 
     they are a great source and extremely helpful if you have any problem 
     with their products.  A year ago I bought their organic black soybeans 
     and I couldn't get them to cook past a rather hard consistency.  
     Finally, I called them and asked if the beans could be old, and they 
     told me how to cook them as follows:
     Pour boiling water over the black soy beans to soak and soak overnight 
     or at least 4-6 hours. Pour off and discard that water and put a 2" 
     piece of konbu (seaweed for digestibility) in the bottom of your pot 
     or pressure cooker and add the beans and new water (do not salt until 
     the end of cooking.  When the beans are done in say 1 1/2 hours (or 
     more), they should be soft (not mushy). I like to make these beans to 
     be eaten as beans (for example not as soup) so I use less water to 
     start or pour off excess juice and save for a soup or stew later.  You 
     should have enough bean juice left in the pot that you see beans on 
     top in the pot but there is some liquid coming up in between. If 
     you've cooked 2 cups of raw beans, you will add a scant 1/2 tsp. sea 
     salt and 3-4 T of soy sauce.  Shake the pot (don't stir), simmer 5 
     minutes. The beans should be very glossy from the soy. In a separate 
     pan (water) saute a large diced onion and some fresh garlic to taste. 
     Add the beans to the onion pan and stir. Taste and correct seasoning.  
     Bon appetite!  These are truly the most delicious beans I've ever 
     eaten.  They feel like they'll melt in your mouth.
     Thanks for all the good suggestions and recipes.
     Carolyn <cooperbl@xxxxxxxxxxx>