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keeping VLF food cheap and interesting

In a message dated 97-04-13 06:16:52 EDT, you write:

<<   Does anyone have suggestions on where we can 
 make changes in an economical way?  We get sort of burned out on beans 
 and rice dishes -- economical, yes, but no matter what you do with the 
 seasonings, it's still beans and rice in the end.

encourage you to try potato based dishes, felafel mix, mushroom and artichoke
based dishes, sweet potato based dishes, baked winter squashes, cous cous,
pasta and rotate often until you pick on family favorites.  if your family
likes barbeque flavors make sloppy joe with TVP (textured veg protein meat
substitute).  make chicken type stews with seitan "chicken."   in transition
it probably helps to emphasize the old FLAVORS you like (Italian, Chinese,
Mexican) but leave out the meats.   Using LOTS of spices and herbs and
garlic/lemon (the latter are great on spinach and other greens)  helps a lot.
 Our taste for hot sauce escaled wildly when we went VLF--my husband now
orders Melinda's Special Reserve XXXX  habanero sauce by the CASE!!!!!!   Be
patient. But it is cheaper in the long run--both cooking and health wise.
 Also, buying grains in bulk and cutting back on packaged, refined foods will
be cheaper than meat/fish.   Also, when you make stew type dishes like chili,
make a double batch and freeze the second half for a busy week night.
   Summer can be easier--you can eat lighter without feeling deprived.
 Gaspacho, cold beet borscht, yogurt/cucumber salads, spicy slaws--splurge on
good bread and enjoy.