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Healing-Heart Support Group

With Michelle's reminder that the FatFree list is only for recipes
and related discussion, I'd like to renew my invitation for those 
of you who would like to join a list for discussion of very low fat,
vegetarian nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and medical news as
it relates to reversing and preventing heart disease, lowering
cholesterol and blood pressure, and other heart disease risk factors.

The list is limited to discussion of topics related to coronary heart
disease. There are no recipes, but discussion about how how to thrive
while following an Ornish or McDougall lifestyle plan is welcome. 

The list comes in a regular format - with each message going out to 
you as soon as it is posted, or a digest format, where all messages
are combined in one post and sent out about 2:00 am Central time.

To join, send an email message to:     waste@xxxxxxxxx 
In the first line of the message (no Subject needed) send:
   subscribe healing-heart    
   subscribe healing-heart-digest 

To read more about the list, a web page is available at:  
Neal Pinckney <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii <> AH6HM