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Rice Steamers

Holly, you wrote:
After reading so much about rice cookers on the list, I finally went out
and bought one.  It's a Salton.  Thing is, I'm not getting really great
results with brown rice, which is what I most want to make.  The
instructions say to use the same amount of water as white (?!), and then
let it sit in the cooker for 15 minutes after the cooking automatically
shuts off.  As you might imagine, this makes an edible but hard rice. 
anyone else have this brand of Rice Cooker?  I'd love some tips on how
make good brown rice in it.

* I have a rice steamer, as well.  It's a Singer brand.  I was
disappointed in its cooking of brown rice the first time I did it, but
changed my method a bit.  Now I use a bit more water than called
for--mine says 1 c rice to 1 1/4 c water;  use 
1 3/4 c water, or maybe a bit more--after it starts cooking, I turn the
timer upping cooking time another 10-15 minutes.  This makes a wonderful
texture of brown rice, not hard as when I tried it the first time.

I's also thought maybe soaking it overnight might help, but have not
tried that method.

Good luck... MK Johnson / Kalispell, Montana USA / mjohnson@xxxxxxxxxx