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DC restaurants

Just got back from DC.  I used previous suggestions (I think) from
this list and also made one discovery on my own.  I am taking my 7yo
again in May, so if anyone has further suggestions for places that
are fairly child-friendly AND vlf friendly (what a combo) I would
appreciate it!  (Any comments on the Smithsonian cafeteria choices?)

Red Sage was very good and an interesting place.  They had a regular
dining room and a chili bar, the chili bar menu seemed a bit more veg 
friendly so I tried that side.  Quite a few things to choose from,  
I "splurged" and had the mushroom tamales (they served without cheese), 
salad, and (definite splurge) the chocolate sorbet dessert. I spent 
about $29 for dinner for one (but no alcohol). Just north of the JW 
Marriott and very easy to find.

Food for Thought was a little disappointing (maybe I was just expecting
too much).  There was a lot of veggie choices but mostly high fat;
when I asked the waitress what she recommended for lowfat her answer
was "sprout salad?"... I almost left then.  (btw sprout salad had
avocados on it!).  They did have a nonfat dressing choice so I stayed.
Actually dinner was ok but not great.  $24 w/o dessert but with one

My "discovered" place was the "Capitol City Brewery" in the Postal Museum 
building right by Union Station.  There were several veggie choices (at 
least for lunch) and I ordered the portabello mushroom sandwich w/o cheese, 
expecting to cope with a greasy mess. However, aside from the mound of 
french fries (should have asked for another piece of bread instead), 
the mushroom and eggplant pieces were both grilled but dry!  And they 
serve hot pretzels instead of bread, and pretty decent beer.  $15 for 
lunch, with one beer.

Hope this helps someone!

Aiko Pinkoski