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Dixie Diners Club

I just wanted to mention, to those of you new to vegetarianism or who
have a carnivorous/SAD mate, my fiancee is (or should be) the poster
child for the beef industry.  I made the meatloaf from Dixie and he
LOVED IT, even had some cold for a lunch sandwich the next day.  It
really is very very good.  They have them seasoned different ways which
will help you get the taste you are looking for.  Besides, since they're
dehydrated, you can keep them forever.  I've made burgers out of them
before, too and had great success (I bake the burgers like meatloaf
instead of panfrying as package directions instruct).  This also makes
great salisbury steaks (I serve with a nonfat or lowfat gravy and either
mashed or baked potatoes ... YUMMY!)

Anyway, just my 2-cents worth .. hope you enjoy the product! (I'm not a
representative of Dixie, nor do I have any financial gain when people
purchase the products, I just like the company & products).