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re: flaxseed oil

Sharon Manning wrote:

>        Since I am diabetic, I meet with my dietetician on a   >regular basis.  She has suggested that I take 1 tbs. of         >flaxseed oil 4 to 5 times a week because I follow a vlf        >diet.  The reasoning behind this was that the body needs    >some fat for the fat soluble vitamins.  Has anyone heard     >of this, and can I safely ignore this?

Are you taking vitamin supplements, or deriving your nutrition from
food?  It sounds like your dietician is under the impression that "you
need _some_ fat in your diet."  This is mistaken - as long as you are
eating a variety of grains and veggies (which have naturally occurring
fats), you should not need fat supplements as well.

Dr. MacDougall's _12 Days to Maximum Health_ has some very good info on
diabetes and a vlf diet.

health and well-being!