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Sprouted breads

Hello everybody,
Thankyou for all the fantastic recipes - I'm really enjoying trying them!
Since moving to Canada from Australia I have become addicted to "Manna
Bread" a sprouted organic bread.  (No commerical interest)  One kind
contatins: Sprouted organic whole wheat kernels, orgainic carrots and
organic raisins.  Others have millet, rye etc.

Does anybody have a recipe for anything similar?  The package says that
sprouting converts the starch in the grains to maltose etc.  The sprouted
grain is then crushed and formed into loaves and baked at low temperatures.
The result is very cake like,-rich and fruity tasting and has 0g fat for a
2oz/56g slice (130 cal).

I intend to experiment with this idea - but a recipe would make life easier...
Thanks in advance

      Laura Barwick
      Burnaby, BC, Canada

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