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re: VLF Restaurants/Grocers in Hawaii?

There are many people into the VLF scene in Hawaii (where McDougall did
much of his early research).  So...besides other responses from
Hawaii-based subscribers, two other options are:

1)  Subscribe to Veg-HI e-mail list in advance of going to Hawaii--over 40
subscribers, so a request for info may bring a variety of opinions for you
to mull over.  

To subscribe to Veg-HI, send e-mail to:  waste@xxxxxxxxx

In text/body of message:  subscribe veg-hi

2)  Check out the Vegetarian Society of Honolulu website:

There you will find a restaurant list, calendar of events, and an e-mail
contact for VSH.


>I'm planning a trip to the island of Hawaii.  I saw some responses about   
>veg/low-fat restaurants in Honolulu --  does anyone know of restaurants   
>and grocery stores for a VLF diet on the big island?
>Rich Bean