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Re: FATFREE Digest V97 #49

Sent this to the wrong place last time, so I hope I get it right this

I buy lots of stuff from Dixie Diners & have loved all of it!  I would
recommend it to anyone.  They also provide some recipes in the catalog.
You can use Creme It to make an excellent chocolate frosting as follows:
mix a few tablespoons of creme it with some reduced calorie chocolate
syrup (make sure you get the kind with no aspartame ... it makes a
really gross frosting).  Mix with fork. Add water to get the desired
consistency (about 1 teaspoon at a time).  You can continue to add the
ingredients until you get as much as you need.  I get commercial nonfat
angel-food cake and make this frosting as needed for one serving at a
time.  YUMMY!  If you want, you can use one of the other syrup flavors
on the market instead.  I don't use extracts because I would have to
adjust the sweeteners & have no idea how much to use!