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Report on Sandals, Jamaica

Hi --

Before I went to Sandals Resort in Negril, Jamaica, I posted a 
request for information about food and exercise options available.  
In addition to the responses I received, I also got requests for me 
to provide information (when I got back) for people who are 
considering going to Sandals.  So, here goes:

For background, Sandals is a couples-only all-inclusive resort.  The 
one we went to is in Negril, Jamaica, but I think the other Sandals 
are similar.  In brief -- I tried, they tried, and I managed to put on 
3 lbs anyway! I'm not sure how, and I know this is not a tragedy on 
the scale of an earthquake, but I am feeling sorry for myself in the 
way that only someone to whom 3 lbs. is "another 3 lbs!!!!!!" can.  

 Breakfast is served buffet style, with fresh fruits 
and assorted boxed cold cereals available (including several 
varieties that meet the guidelines of this list).  Plain hot cereal 
is available upon special request. (The stuff on the buffet has milk 
and / or butter.) 

 Lunch is also buffet style, with salad (fairly 
plain, but there are usually some veggies besides lettuce) and fresh 
fruit available (though the variety of fruits is limited and gets old 
after a few days).  There is no fatfree dressing on the buffet (or 
the ingredients to make your own, as far as I could tell), but the 
chef whipped some up for me from fruit juices, honey and vinegar when 
I asked him to.  Plain pasta is available upon request --  the 
stuff on the buffet has some kind of oil / butter on it.  In 
addition, there are "fitshape" choices available for spouses who do 
not choose to follow the guidelines of this list, but do not want to 
go full fat.  

For dinner, I spoke with the food manager the first 
night and had a specially-cooked-to-my-specifications main dish each 
night.  The sous chef met with me and noted my dietary requirements 
and I was given a beautifully arranged plate of boiled or blanched 
veggies each night with a puree of herbed veggies as a sauce.  Fresh 
fruit was available upon request each night as a dessert and for 
anytime snacks.  

I took advantage of the fitness center, land and 
water sports and beautiful beach for walking (safe during the day 
only), and managed to avoid desserts that looked fantastic and 
reportedly were.  I did cheat and eat the rolls.  (They probably were 
not fatfree.)   Knowing I was going to write this message to all of 
you kept me eating pretty close to what I should (I didn't even eat 
the piece of cake they put the candle into for my birthday!), being 
careful about quantities (obviously not careful enough)  and 
doing more exercise than I ever have in one week in my life.  The 
resort was amazingly nice about catering to my dietary needs.    I 
really thought I'd be writing about going on vacation and losing 
weight.  I guess vacations are about living your fantasies and maybe 
some fantasies are just too good to be true.  At any rate, I wanted to 
let you know that it is possible to go to Sandals and  follow the guidelines
 of this list.  The staff never made it seem as if my dietary needs 
were an imposition or crazy, and they really tried hard to keep the 
food interesting and accessible to me.  
Meryl P. Gardner