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Re: A Question

> of foods? I am well aware of the effects of fat & cholesterol on the
> heart and arteries, as well as increasing your risk of certain kinds
> of cancers. Here is a scenario which demonstrates our question:
> Day One I eat 1500 calories of only carbohydrate--no fat, no protein.
> On Day Two I eat 1500 calories of only fat--no carbohydrate, no protein.
> If my level of activity and all other variables remain the same for
> the two days (and I realize this may be impossible--keep in mind we
> are talking about a theoretical situation) and my metabolic rate is
> such that I burn more than 1500 calories a day, would I lose more
> weight eating just the carbos, just the fat, or would the result be
> the same for either?


my $ 0.2....as i understand it and put simply and without much technical
 knowledge about it but having read a lot:

Think of your stomach as being a traffic director AND a warehouse
on your "1500 calories of fat day":
you will find that when it  comes to the fat you  eat your traffic 
director will direct a FEW  grams of it (aprox 150 grs in total) to be used
 by your body in essential 
functions that require  fat.....there rest..probably 1400 calories 
worth of fat WILL BE STORED, as no exercise or physical activity will help
you to get rid of all this surplus  fat and it will be stored in places you know....:-)
This is because muscles dont use fat as fuel....

on your "1500 calories of carbos" day:

You will be using the energy created  by the carbos as you move around 
during the day.....if your physical activity DONT  use  ALL  of the 1500 
calories unfortunately some of it will BE CONVERTED AND STORED AS 
FAT...as the body CANNOT store carbos as such.....unfair..  I know...:-(

Please draw your own conclusions....

been there done  that...:-)