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Re: kids & breakfast

At 04:25 PM 9/5/96 EDT, Karen wrote:
>Dianne was wondering how to get her daughter to eat breakfast.  I had the 
>same problem with my daughter (now 8).  We found she will eat Eggo waffles 
>with syrup (most flavors are high in fat, although the Special K flavor is 
>fatfree).  It's amazing--she loves those things!  Sure, not as healthy as 
>some other choices, but at least she's eating something.  We've also had 
>limited success with lowfat and fatfree toaster pastries.

hi karen,

I just recently found a frozen waffle from Trader Joes that as far as I can
tell has no dairy or eggs.

Steve Cole
A single 39yo, INFP, ADD, Jewish, Vegetarian (moving towards Vegan)
Somewhere east of S.F. (San Ramon, CA)

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