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Bread Machine Recipe

I have adapted this recipe for my machine, and my family eats it up so fast
I have to make it almost daily!

Whole Wheat Oat Bread

9 oz.       water
1 1/2 T   molasses
1 1/2 T   applesauce
4 t           milk ( I use rice milk)
1 t           salt
1 1/4 c    rolled oats ( I like the thick-cut oats from the HFS)
1 1/4 c    ww bread flour
1 c           unbleached white bread flour (I use this to keep it light,
but you could use all whole wheat flour)
1T           wheat gluten (this is a great ddition to any bread recipe)
1 t            active dry yeast

It is great plain, toasted, or with all-fruit jam. Also makes great sandwiches.

Elizabeth Sanders (esanders@xxxxxxxxxx)