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veggie burgers/chamomile tea

Hi all-

Michelle asked for a veggie burger recipe that called for rice and no eggs.
This isn't really answering the question, but...I made lentil burgers from
the (new) Vegetarian Times Cookbook last week.  They were quite good.  No
eggs (no rice, either).  It said to saute some ingredients in oil, but I
eliminated the oil and just used some water.  I think it might have also
called for a touch of toasted sesame oil for flavor, but I can't remember.
You can modify to be VLF.  Yum.

As for chamomile tea, chamomile is a relative of ragweed.  If one has a
ragweed allergy, it is possible to also have a problem with chamomile.  How
would you know?  If you have a similar allergic reaction to chamomile tea
that you have to ragweed when it's in bloom outside.  It's possible that the
chamomile would cause no problem - depends on when the plant was harvested.