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4 jenka

*****as one can see i attempted to email Jenka directly, but was not able 
The message could not be delivered to:
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 Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 15:15:45 -0700 (MST)
From: shish@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Subject: hi there
 hi Jenka K-G Congrats on the weightloss!!!i also have been regimenting 
my intake, and exercising, exercising,exercising!!!have you tried adding some 
weight training into your exercising yet?studies have shown that weight 
training for one hour burns just as many,if not more calories and fat as does
running or bicycling for the same amount of time. (just a thought)My 
workouts consist of bicycling for 30 minutes (sometimes swimming) and weight 
training for 1 hour. i am not into weight to bulk up, but rather my goal is to
tone my muscles and to be stronger. i still have 5 more pounds of fat to 
lose, ahhh the dreaded last 5!!! 8-)if your school has a gym for students, 
check it out. meet with a trainer and have them set you up on a program 
specially designed for you.another thing to try... instead of weighing yourself
, measure yourself monthly. you will find that the shrinking measurements 
will make you feel alot better about yourself.(at least that is what i have found
to work well for me.)plus, its fun to look back and see what your waste, 
thighs, arms, chest used to measure in at...and then pat yourself on the 
back for working so hard!oh one more thing, if your school's gym offers 
this. get your fat measured. sounds horrible, but it offers up another 
goal to shoot for...reduce your total fat. (get it tested every 4-6 months.)
anyways, i hope that if your not doing these already, that these
suggestions do help you.good luck.
Tricia Rusch
Arizona State University