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For whomever was asking  about portabella mushrooms, I love them grilled with
different colors of bell peppers, I make mine with a marinade based on water,
worchestire sauce, spices, etc...
Two weeks ago I had these after climbing fro a long day at Enchanted  Rock ,
they had beed marinading all day, cooked over my backpacking stove, I used a
pan of water, then set the pan with the mushrooms and peppers in that. sort of
a bouble boiler effect  (my stove has two settings, off and nucleur furnace! )
and sauted the veggies in that, served over rice (instant--I was camping!). I
was the envy of the group, eating their ramen and canned spaggetti-O's!  =>

Regarding the forbidden posts, I don't object to them, but it does seem that
they are a buit off topic.. Does anybody know of a list that does discuss these
issues?  Seems like that would be an easy solution...