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RECIPE: Parsnip & Lemon Soup (VEGAN)

Written Thurs 26 Sept 1996

Looks like I was too long again...here is the soup recipe in
two parts.


I make one serving to be 10 fl oz...hence this recipe does 5.
If it's too thick at the end, thin with water.

MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.04
      Title: Parsnip and Lemon Soup
 Categories: Soups, Lunches, Appetizers
      Yield: 50 Fl oz
      1    Onion
      1    Clove garlic
  1 1/2 lb Parsnips
      2 pt Stock (broth)
      1    Lemon
           Salt and black pepper

MMMMM--------------------------TO SERVE------------------------
    1/4 ts Garam masala
           Chopped fresh parsley
CONVERSIONS: 1/2 lb = 8 oz = 225 g = 1 large parsnip
             1 pt = 20 fl oz = 550 ml = 2 1/2 cups
NOTES: This soup is quite lemony. Can reduce lemon flavour by
leaving out the lemon rind or just using less of it.
ONION  -   Peel and chop finely
GARLIC  -  Peel and slice. Sprinkle with plenty of salt and use
           flat edge of large knife to grind into the salt and
           make a paste.
PARSNIPS - Chop finely, either in processor or by hand.
LEMON   -  Firstly, finely grate off the rind. Then either
           microwave on HIGH for 20-30 seconds until hot, or 
           drop into a pan of boiling water and leave (off the
           heat) for 1 minute. Now cut in half and squeeze the
           juice into a cup. Discard the pips.