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RECIPE: Veg. Goulash

There has been a discussion on the Vegan mailing list recently 
about "liquid smoke". So I went out and bought some...this is 
the result. The liquid smoke is entirely optional. It is made 
from distilled hickory smoke and comes in a little bottle. I 
got mine from Sainsburys here in Oxford - don't ask me about 
availability elsewhere! 


Goulash with Red Kidney Beans

Serves 3

150g (5 1/2 oz) dried red kidney beans
2 onions, halved and sliced into thin half-moons
vegetable stock
1 large carrot, halved lengthways and sliced thickly
4 large button mushrooms, cut into large chunks
1 tsp "liquid smoke" (optional)
2 tsp sweet Hungarian paprika
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
freshly-ground black pepper
1 green pepper, seeded and cut into 1 cm (1/2 inch) squares
1 can tomatoes, chopped and drained well
1/2 tsp salt, or to taste

Soak the red beans overnight in plenty of water, in the 

Drain and rinse the beans. Place in a pan and cover with 
cold water; bring to the boil and boil vigourously for 10 

Meanwhile, place the onions in a large pan (this is the 
pan that the goulash will be cooked in). Pour in vegetable 
stock to cover. Then cover and boil for 7 minutes. Uncover and 
boil off liquid. Allow the bottom of the pan to brown slightly, 
stirring constantly, then pour in a splash of stock and scrape 
up the browned deposits.

Drain the beans and add to the onions. Add the carrots and 
mushrooms and cover generously with more stock. Add the liquid 
smoke if using, the paprika and the garlic. Season with black 
pepper - NO SALT YET. Bring to the boil, cover, reduce heat 
and simmer 45 minutes.

Add the green pepper and the tomatoes. Add salt to taste 
and simmer for another 15 minutes or until the pepper is just 

Serve with mashed potatoes!