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To Mary On Soups

Dear Mary and anyone else who would like to make good, low-fat soups.

Any number of ingredients can make great one-bowl meals in the form of
soups.  Try combinations of grains (barley, rice, millet, buckwheat groats,
etc.  as a base, and lots of veggies.  I usually start with chopped onions,
and saute first for better flavour, and then add chopped carrots, turnips,
or any other hard veggies, including potatoes, yams, etc., and, of course,
that hard-to-cut squash!  Simmer in lots of water, adding some split green
peas or lentils which cook fairly quickly, or if you want to use kidney or
garbanzo beans, use the tinned ones already cooked.  Towards the end, add
softer veggies, and the secret is some good flavouring.  I use a dry
"chicken-like broth" bought in a plastic pouch.  Soy sauce, Braggs Liquid
Aminos, and plain salt all add flavour.  Try your favourite herbs as well. 
Just use your imagination, and ingredients you and your family like.  other
good veggies are chopped celery, leeks, green and red peppers, shretted
cabbage, and tomatoes (fresh or from a tin).  

Victoria from beautiful North Vancouver, BC Canada
Victoria Hogan
Activist, Writer and Vegetarian Nutrition Consultant
(604) 987 8296  FAX (604) 987 1857