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Soup recipe intro and plea for ideas

Written Tues 24 Sept 1996 with a rat on my lap!

Hello all,

The following recipe (separate post) is what I made for lunch.
I'd had the recipe for ages so absolutely no idea where I got it
from. I halved the amount of lemon (they wanted TWO!) and it is
still quite lemony. You have to work hard to taste the parsnip,
so next time I will cut it down to 1/2 lemon, juice & rind. 

The rest of this went in the freezer. I am stocking up my 
freezer as term starts in 2 weeks and I won't have so much time.
ANY suggestions for good things to put in there are welcome. I
don't eat dairy or eggs but also don't mind up to 25% CFF 
(better send those privately!). I'm looking for good things to
thaw overnight and take with me for lunch as well as stuff for
supper (ie 7.00 ish evening meal not bedtime snack) that can go
from freezer to oven, microwave or top of stove...whatever.

BTW, the rat is my new pet! He doesn't have a name yet. He is
brown, 2 years old (ie middle-aged) and moves pretty slowly.
Spent his life in a cage but we let him run around the living 
room freely. Any classical scholars/literary types/imaginative
people got any name suggestions?

Kate in Oxford, where the student influx is just getting 
geared up!