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MSG and Kombu

Gretchen and others,

As I recall, kombu is the sea weed that Japanese chefs would add to food 
to enhance its flavor.  Later, U.S. food chemists isolated MSG in the 
kombu as the factor that may the food tast good.  So, MSG is in the 
kombu; it is naturally occuring-- which is why it can be labled "natural 
flavors" on food ingredients listings.  I don't know how much MSG is in 
how much kombu, but enough to make a taste difference.  

Of note, MSG entered Western cooking after WWII.  U.S. soldiers noticed 
that captured Japanese canned rations tasted much better than theirs.  
The Military contracted major food producers in the U.S. to find out why 
and improove the U.S. rations.  These were big companies, but I don't 
have my 
source in front of me so I won't list names.  They isolated the kombu and 
the MSG as major factors.

Take care,


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