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I am one of the (six years post-secondary) people who endeavoured to help
Maggie with her measurements, and I do know the difference between liquid
and solid measures. I was mistaken in thinking she wanted any experienced
help with English recipes.

Originally from the States, I ran into a lot of imperial measurements when
I moved up here, a few years before Canada went metric - it's very
confusing, even to my British friends who went through the exhausting
exercise of altering their recipes to north American measurements. I found
that using soft unbleached white flour, unsifted, and cutting down the
amount to what the liquid measures would equal, worked wonderfully well
(our flours are also very different from those available in Europe) for
British recipes - I could then get British recipes to work that wouldn't
before. Salmon tarts in cheesy pastry, savouries, apple pratties...yum!

Now Maggie should've taken Philosophy 101, usually the place where logic is
introduced to the academic neophyte. She would then have been able to
figure out that a kitchen scale would help her if she really wanted
accuracy - just like the Brits use in their kitchens. Following that, she
might have solved the tricky puzzle that people sometimes really do want to
help out; in future, I will refrain from plaguing her with any further
assistance from me.

Meows back to Maggie!!!

Sylvia  8-)  +

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