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How did you quit?

Fellow list members,

Do you have a "How I quit smoking" story to tell? In an effort to help 
others make their own quantum leap toward a healthier lifestyle, we at BE 
WELL NOW! are interested in publishing as many different personal success 
stories as we can find. 

Please tell us what you did to quit and how you went about doing it. 
We're especially interested in your thinking process and any and all 
preparations that lead up to your final commitment to quit. What was "the 
last straw" for you? Then, what tricks or special techniques did you 
devise/employ to get you by from minute to minute, day by day?

Please email your responses privately to me and not to the list. Those 
respondents whose stories we use will receive a free issue of the 
newsletter, so please include your mailing address.

Thank you for your help.



Karen Cohen
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
BE WELL NOW!(TM) The Better Health Update for Busy People(TM)