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Ornish and McDougall are right!

This past Tuesday afternoon, September 17,  I saw something that Drs.
Ornish and McDougall have been saying all along, coronary heart disease is

My cardiologist had convinced me that the only way to track down the chest
pain I was feeling was to return to the coronary catherization lab,
something I'd been avoiding like the plague because, well, I died in that
room three years ago when an angioplasty attempt failed.

But there was no way of getting around it, so there I was, watching my own
heart beating on the CRT when my doctor and I both said, "huh?" at the same

Where plaque had occluded all of my arteries three years ago, all were WIDE
OPEN except for one small artery which was minimally blocked.

My original bypass was among those which were WIDE OPEN!

He could find no sign of CAD.

So for all of those of you who adopted a healthier way of eating to attempt
reversal of coronary artery disease, you're on the right track!  For all
those who have scoffed at the concept you're wrong as wrong can be!

I just had to share that with y'all.  

Bev Kurtin
"Bev's Cooking and Eating  Show"
(A non-copyrighted weekly column)