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Non fat dry milk


Dry milk keeps for a long time on the shelf.  I add about 1/2 cup or so to 4
servings of cooked cereal (oatmeal, oatbran, Kashi, any whole grain) after
it has finished cooking, for a really creamy texture.  Add a little
cinnamon, a topping of brown sugar and a banana, and it's like dessert for
breakfast. I always add dry milk to oven baked rice pudding, which is
basically just an embellished cooked cereal.

It also gives potato-leek soup and white bean soup a "creaminess" without
the fat.

But I do agree, it taste terrible by itself. My husband, as a child, had to
drink it on regular basis when his father was stationed in Burmuda.
Something about not being able to ship the real stuff.  He hates it to this day.

I have started using more soy milk powder, though.  Trying to incorporate
more lowfat soy foods into our diet because of all the great health benefits.

Sandee Ritter
In sunny, sultry (ugh!), San Antonio