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I've used kombu in darn near everything.  I rarely take it out of
whatever I've used it in.  I use scissors to cut it into very small
pieces, then add it to soups or even bean-type loaves.  The flavor is
wonderful.  I'd suggest using very small amounts at first until you find
how much you like.  And be sure to use  *tiny*  pieces if you plan to
leave it in, as it gets a heck of a lot bigger when rehydrated!  (And in
large bites, I don't find it as pleasant.)  

If you do take it out of what you're cooking, and have no use for it, add
it to your pet's food.  Don't use much, and chop it  * very*   finely or
use a food processor.  Two of our cats love it, one likes it and the
other avoids it.  The dog loves it.  Just add a tiny bit to their food,
keeping the rest of the kombu in the fridge for use in the pet food a few
days later.  

Hope this helps.

Debby in St. Augustine, the oldest U.S. city