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belated thanks, question

A belated thank you to Dr. Neal Pinckney for sending me such a lengthy response to my question about
the Dean Ornish retreat.  It sounded wonderful, but maybe more for heart patients?  Sorry I didn't
thank you earlier as I've had a lot of email problems.

Now, a question to all of you out there.  I've just seriously (after playing around for a long time) gone
fat free and I have a question about eating out.  What kinds of restauants have people had good success
with in asking for an oil-free entree.  I feel a bit intimidated about it.  The only thing I can think of
is plain steamed veggies at a Chinese restaurant and this would get boring real soon.  I'd really love
to hear about peoples restaurant experiences.  Email privately if you want.  Also I live in the Boston
area so if anyone has any specific suggestions, I would welcome them all.  Once someone posted about
organizing a get together for ff-ers in the Boston area.  I would love to do that.  If anyone's interested,
let me know, and maybe I can somehow pull it together.