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School lunch ideas, anyone?

Hello All!
   My daughter started kindergarten this week and I am totally stumped on
ideas for school lunches.  I remember eating the exact same thing every day
when I was in elementry school, peanut butter and jelly!  
   If anyone has any good ideas for quick and easy breakfasts, sandwiches,
snacks and healthy desserts, please let me know.  They don't have to be
totally fat free, just not fat-loaded like most school lunches tend to be.  
   One more important thing...I can't seem to get my daughter to eat hardly
anything for breakfast.  She's used to being up for awhile before she eats
and now that I have to get her up early and ready for school, it doesn't
seem like enough time for her to get hungry.  I almost have to force her to
eat a few bites of something.  I tried doing everything first and then
feeding her, like getting dressed and her hair and stuff like that, but
she's still not wanting to eat.  What should I do?