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Surprising Use for Garlic!

I'm posting separately an easy way to roast garlic that I just read.  But I
also wanted to point out what else this chef (Jay McCarthy, of
H.E.B.-Central Market in Austin, Texas) has to say about using roasted
garlic.  This is from Kitchen Garden magazine, Oct/Nov 1996 issue, p. 54:

"I also use the paste as an egg substitute because it has a long molecular
structure like an egg yolk and similar binding properties....In fact, 1
tbsp. of roasted garlic paste can replace one egg yolk in many recipes,
including desserts, although I suppose most people don't really care for
garlic ice cream!" 

There you have it, troops.  Another "egg replacer" for your arsenal!  And
the same magazine has an article about growing garlic in your own garden,
which sounds appealing to me.  The author says it will soon be time to
plant it, as it likes to lie dormant over the winter.  Plotting,

Ruth Hoffman       ruthhoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lake Zurich, IL
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking
new landscapes but in having new eyes." --Marcel Proust