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Re:dolma/stuffed grape leaves adivice

Asha, you suggested what I was going to suggest at the end of your post!
Maybe if you precook the leaves in addition to the rice stuffing and then
put it all together, it won't fall apart. Or perhaps you are rolling it up
impropperly. For instance, you should fold the sides first, and then roll
the leaf along its long length so that it holds firmly. Also, if you cook it
for too long, the leaf may become too fragile, like wet paper. I think since
the rice needs longer time to cook as opposed to the leaf, it only makes
sense to cook the stuffing seperately, but don't eat the leaves raw! Cook
the rice halfway, then stuff the leaves, then cook together some more. 

Something else you may try, which works for me, is to tie a bundle of
stuffed leaves using string- both on top and bottom, and then still put a
plate on top to weigh it all down (double hassle! but it works). Hope this