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Don't know if someone has answered this question yet, but I wanted
to mention that the FDA had a hotline 800 number that would answer
questions like this.  My own understanding is that RDA is different
from daily values.  I think the daily values are based on U.S.RDA
which is what vitamin pill manufacturers use, and is set by the
FDA based on the RDAs (Recommended Daily Dietary Allowances set by
the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council --
yes, I looked this up to be sure).

The RDAs vary by age and condition (pregnant or lactating mothers).
The U.S. RDAs are a single number for each nutrient, and typically
are set to equal the highest RDA for that nutrient, barring the
higher level for pregnant or lactating mothers.  Up until 1990-91
the calcium U.S. RDA was 800 mg.  It has been changed since, to
1000 mg.  I don't know when it was changed, by my vitamin bottle
has the new level of 1000 mg and my nutrition book has the lower
level (Gallagher, John, _Good Health With Vitamins and Minerals_,

Sorry this was so long, I hope it helps.

(I'm unsubscribing, BTW, so e-mail me if you have comments --thanx)