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Indian supper

Written Fri 13 Sept (very late!)

This is the supper I cooked tonight. There were 3 of us eating; I 
haveworked out the yield sizes from the amount of leftovers :-)

The menu was:

Corn-on-the-Cob in a Spicy Gravy *  (1/3 cob each)
Steamed Courgettes *
Potato Chops *  (2-3 chops each)
Dhal with Broccoli Florets
Red Pepper Pickle *
Coconut Rice
Mango and Lime Chutney (from the supermarket)

I append recipes for those marked with a *. The other things I did 
not have time to measure quantities - the next time I cook them I will do 
so hopefully. All was fatfree bar the coconut rice, which I am not 
sending anyway.

As always, PLEASE let me know via private email if anything in the 
recipes is unclear. When I get unpacked a bit more (just moved house) 
and find my Tesco's nutrition tables :-) I will start adding nutritional