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Re: matzoh ball secrets

>to the person who wanted to make good ff matzoh balls--  my mother in law
>suggests freezing them (after the balls are formed) for about 15-20 before
>putting them in the boiling water.  my experience is that they are pretty
>fluffy (it's been a while!).  also, i don't see why you couldn't use several
>egg whites to one yolk and thus keep the fat way down.  3 whites/one yolk/
>.75 cups of matzoh meal  should yield tons (a couple of dozen?) of matzoh
>balls and you only would eat 2-3 anyway. yeah, right. anyway,    if an egg
>yolk is six grams of fat, you are probably talking about tiny fractions... 
> l'shana tova to those who celebrate and wishes for love and peace for
>everybody!    joanna in dc

I apologize to all for being so appallingly ignorant . . .but what are
matzoh balls? And I take it they're important historically and religiously
-- would love to hear the story if someone wouldn't mind sending it to me

Regards and thanks,


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