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It was only today that I've restored my server since abt a week ago and I 
would like to thank all those wonderful people out there who have written 
in response to my unsuccessfull cookies. 
	After reading some back issues of the digest, it seems that some 
poeple have got the same problem as well. I would like to pass on an 
advise that I got...use 1T veg oil for every 1/4c. substitution of 
applesauce you use to substitute 1/4c. of fat. I really hope that no one 
will come after me for this. If you would rather have mushy cookies, then 
disregard this advise...afterall, in my humble opinion, mushy cookies go 
stale in the fridge after 1 week! Of course, if anyone else has any 
better ideas for substituting fat in cookie/biscuit recipes, and still 
retain the original, crispy flavour...please tell me!!!
	For those game enough to try sourish, tangy rissotta(of some 
sort)...I modified it abit.
	Saute some onions in pineapple juice, add rice. Add more 
pineapple juice. When the rice starts to turn slightly brown, add abt 1/2 
to 1 cup of water (I think I used about 1/4 c. rice). Simmer till rice is 
soft. Add tons of cabbage/lettuce and carrots,peas and corn. Stir a 
little(do not overcook veggie!) Dump in some fatfree yoghurt and stir 
till creamy. Enjoy!
	It really tasted great...sorry that I don't have exact 
measurements, but I hope the basics are there. If you like any other veg, 
you should be able to subsitute them in.