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lf matzo balls

I just made some matzo ball soup this weekend.  For the broth I use 
golden noodle soup, a recipe I got out of the cookbook Laurel's Kitchen.  
I posted it to this list last year, so it should be in the archives.  

I have tried and tried to make vegan low-fat matzo balls, with no 
success.  I've made some that substituted tofu for the fat and used egg 
replacer instead of the egg.  I like the way these tasted but the taste 
and consistency was nothing like the matzo balls my mother used to make.
I have been able to make very tasty matzo balls substituting plain, 
fat-free yogurt for the fat and egg-beaters for the eggs.  These do have 
the taste of the ones my mom made, so if you are ovo-lacto that may be 
the way to go.


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