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Low-impact veg cookbook

To Geoff who was looking for a more moderate Fat Free Vegetarian cookbook
for his girlfriend.  The absolute best, daily use, down to earth, ordinary
Joe cookbook I have in my possession is 500 Fat-Free Recipes.A Complete
Guide to Reducing the Fat in Your Diet., by Sarah Schlesinger.  Published in
the U.S. by Villard Books, a division of Random House, Inc., published in
Canada by Random House of Canada Ltd. ISBN 0-679-41589-0.  The recipes are
easy, quick and not too exotic. The ingredients are usually things you would
have in your house or could find at any supermarket.  This book has been a
Godsend to me and my family in our Fat-free oddessy - when in doubt look in
the book.  Hope this helps.

Joanne in Vancouver
Go Team Canada