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Tapioca and the Fatfree List

Mandy Jackson asked if tapioca was okay on this list.  I hope so; it's a 
favorite pudding of mine.  Tapioca is composed primarily of starch from 
the tuber of the cassava or manioc plant.  In the home, the starch is 
pushed through small holes in a colander to produce what Waverly Root 
calls the "familiar small, white, gelatinous, semi-translucent balls of 
tapioca".  In commercial operations, I believe that the cassava/manioc 
starch was kneaded, dried, and then slowly heated on a metal surface 
until it beaded into tapioca.  There's probably some new sophisticated 
technique used to make the quick-cooking tapioca that is available in 
U.S. markets today.