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"SALTINES" defined; other stuff

Paul and any other non-US folks: Saltines are very plain, lightly salted
crackers. They are white and they are often eaten to settle the stomach, for
instance by women with pregnancy-related nausea, or by anyone with a tummy
bug. Sound like anything you recognize?

Someone recently asked how to make puffed rice. Has anyone answered? Does
anyone know? I'm interested too, and I'm also interested in "crisped" rice,
like the stuff they combine with malted cereal syrup to make yummy lowfat
snack bars that cost a fortune at the HFS. 

Kate--You asked a few weeks ago about a sauce for veggies. Something I've
done with great success is to simply use cornstarch. Follow the directions on
the box--it's important that you combine it with water first or it won't mix
well. Once that's done, just add it to your stir-fry and it will thicken
everything up beautifully. (Don't use too much, or it will get kind of
gummy.) Obviously, it doesn't add any flavor, just texture. Good luck!