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Fat & 2 year olds

HI Patrick,

My pediatrician told me my babies needed a high-fat diet until the age of
two, but that I could switch to nonfat milk, and the like, after that, which
I have done.  I don't make any effort to feed my children, now 2.5 and 4,
extra fat, but they seem to get it [more fat than me] easily enough.  They
both eat meat sometimes, and they *love* peanut butter, chicken, and egg
sandwhiches (not all mixed together, of course!).  They also love whole
wheat macaroni and cheese.  Several times a week they eat one or more of
these things.  They are both bright, happy, alert children--very smart.
Full of energy.  For low fat meals, which I try to feed them as much as I
can, they seem to thrive on LF and FF spaghetti and lasagna, although my 4
year old has been turning his nose up lately.  I also buy whole wheat,
buckwheat, and brown rice ramen in bulk at my HF co-op and cook it in vegie
broth, throw in a bit of instant bean flakes, and some chopped Shelton's
hotdogs (you could use FF dogs).  They won't eat vegetables in the ramen
[yet].  I've tried it and end up throwing it away then.
My 4 year old has also [finally] discovered the joy of raw vegies and dip
(FF Ranch I make from scratch).  He only eats cauliflower and celery, but
hey, it's a start!  I also make meatless pizza from scratch, using a combo
of reduced fat and ff mozzarella, and they like that quite a bit.  My
youngest also likes tofu-filled whole wheat raviolis I buy in bulk at my
co-op, with meatless pasta sauce, sprinkled with a little fresh Parmesan.
My oldest jams on Twice Baked potatoes with cheese, a little seasalt and
white pepper, and nonfat sourcream mixed in, no butter.  FF Mozarella is the
only FF cheese I use, and it will melt.

I'll send my Pasta Sauce in a separate post.