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Broccoli Stems and Kohlrabi

Dianne asked for suggestions for using up leftover
broccoli stems.  My favorite way to use them is to
peel them, slice them, and use them in stirfries.  One 
of their more useful "properties" is that the stems 
will last for quite a while in the refrigerator, unlike the
flowerettes which usually need to be eaten within a 
few days.  I also add stems to my freezer bag 
that I keep for making vegetable broth, but I only use 
one large stem per batch of broth so the taste isn't
too strong.

Another vegetable I''ve used in stirfries recently is 
kohlrabi.  Like broccoli stems and water chestnuts,
kohlrabi adds excellent "crunch".  We snack on this
vegetable and usually eat it all up before I have a 
chance to wonder what else to do with it, but does 
anyone have a favorite kohlrabi recipe out there?

Kim Allen
Baltimore, Maryland