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Thanks, Eva, for your note about Wildwood tofu. Yes, I'm in the SF Bay area,
and I am fortunate to have my pick of good, healthy, fresh foods (I am so
spoiled it's ridiculous).

Everyone, how about this - next time I'm at the store I'll take a little
tofu survey and check out the calorie/fat content of the different brands.
I'll let you know.

By the way, if anyone drops by SF, visit Greens Restaraunt. I just went
there for the first time, and was prepared to be disappointed (I'm jaded
about "famous" restaraunts, and find they are often overrated), but it was
wonderful. I'm sure not low fat, but incredible. They cook each vegie to
perfection there, and the atmosphere is great. Really nice for a treat or a
special occasion.

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