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non-extreme recipe book

I've been a lurker for a year since joining the list at the suggestion of
my cousin, Cindy Bloch (Hi Cindy . . . Thanks).  In an attempt to lose weight
and change bad habits I spent two years visiting my local Jenny Craig center.
As part of those changes, I began opting more and more frequently for their
vegetarian meal plan.  Now after losing 20 pounds, I am pursuing the ideas
posted here.

My second step to lowfat/no-fat eating has been to look at McDougall, Ornish
(as you all have suggessted) and Gabe Mirkin.  His book, Fatfree and Flavor-
ful is not quite as strict as McDougall.  He allows some seafood, skim milk
and no fat dairy products for those of us not yet willing to (or having to)
give those things up.  His recipes are easy, tasty and contain basic

My brother was able to "painlessly" lose 20 lbs. by following the suggestions/
recipes in the book.  Now, since I'm trying it, my parents are looking at
it and adding more of his recipes to their meal plan.

Thanks for all of the great ideas and time that you all put into making
this list a success.  Be gentle with me as I'm new to cyberspace if I've
said anything out of line with the parameters of the list.