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Wildwood Tofu

To Asha Dornfest who mentioned Wildwood Tofu.  I used to live in Santa Cruz
and I passionately miss theor tofu burgers.  No clue what the fat content
is (they are just tofu and verggies with some potato flour to stick them
together)  I heat them up a a not stick skillet and toss them on homebaked
bread with veggies and mustard and they are to die for!!!!!

Anyway, back to your question about Wildwood Tofu, yes it is much better
than Mori-Nu.  Tofu's taste differs according to freshness, and you can get
Wildwood Tofu fresh and in bulk in Santa Cruz, I am not sure where you are
writing from, but it has to be the Bay Area.  Keep an eye out.  It is cheap
and very tasty!

Eva Schweber
Food Allergy and Sensitivity Consultant