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re:suggestions cookbooks

--- You wrote:
Does anybody have any good suggestions for books on a low-fat
vegetarian diet that is a little more moderate than those guys.
--- end of quoted material ---
Hi, Geoff, I'm sort of like you: I became lactose intolerant over 
a year ago, I hate lactaid (it doesn't work unless I swallow 10-15 
pills at once), I don't make an effort to add eggs to my diet, so, I 
end up eating mostly fat free vegan recipes that I print from 
this list. (I'd be in trouble if it weren't for this wonderful list).
Well, there are two books that your girlfriend might enjoy. 
While not fat free, most recipes can be easily adapted.
1)THE VEGAN COOKBOOK, Alan Wakeman and Gordon Baskeville
Has many yummy reciepies and all recipies come with their 
nutritional value. Also, on the back it has appendices on
Notes on Vegan nutrition, seven reasons to become vegan, and ways
to make your own vegan "yoghurt", "cream cheese", etc!
Kathleen Robinson with Pete Luckett. Some recipes are not
vegan and low fat but, once again, it is easy to adapt. The cool think
about this book is that it has a paragraph or two about the vegetable 
or fruit and then it has some recipies that use it. All recipes come with
the nutritional value.
Hope this helps, Paula Gouvea
Another Brazilian hanging out at Dartmouth College.