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So my (untill I met her) SAD girlfriend has become interested in possibly
tryinga new diet.  She has heard my testimonials on what my vegetarian diet
(mostly vegan, as I am lactose intolerant, and hate taking lactaid all the
time) She has also been impressed with the meals I make her, shes never cooked
much, and I've ben an avid cook since I was little, so I think the good food
(lot's of recipes from this list1 =>   )  I make her has opened her mind to new
possibilites (excuse the rambling) .  Anyway, she wants to try something, and
was asking fro some good book recomendations, shes a pre-med student, and the
kind of girl that will make up her mind to follow something, but needs a
specific plan.  I Do think McDougall and Ornish are a little extreme for her
right now.  Does anybody have any good suggestions for books on a low-fat
vegetarian diet that is alittle more moderate than those guys. (I like them,
don't get me wrong, but I'm afraid to put her off the idea, and want to
introduce her more gently.) anyway, email me privately if you think this is too
off topic, or been doen to many times..